Dhampir the Paleblade Ronin (Samurai/Sorcerer)


Ryuskei has lived a life of struggle and hardship brought about by the circumstances of his birth. The villagers never really trusted the couple that moved into town one night. The girl seemed nice enough, but her husband was another story. Described as pale and oddly unsettling by the few that saw him, his frequent disappearances and habit of only coming out on dark days started a spread of rumors.

The stories grew from whispers to the talk of the tavern with the birth of the child. His hair black as night, his skin porcelain white, the faint glow of his eyes, all marked the boy as something not human. The villagers distrust came to head when the child began to show the early signs of magical power.

Emboldened by one of the father’s usual absences the broke down the door of the little cottage and drug the boy and his mother into the woods. Throwing a rope over the branches of a large tree they hung his mother while he watched, “Whore of the Undead” They called her. As her lifeless body swung in the breeze, the group rounded on the child. “Burn the creature.” They cried. “Only Fire can purge his taint.”

As the villagers moved to end the child’s life a whistling cut out from the darkness and arrows fell in the dirt between them. From the shadows emerged a group of men dressed in strange armor, wandering Samurai drawn by the commotion, swords drawn.The men moved between the villagers and the child, staring down the crowd. Their code of honor could not abide the killing of a defenseless foe, vampire’s child or not. Seeing the village for the cowards they were, the samurai knew that the boy would be killed as soon as they left, so they resolved to take him on their journey and leave the village to whatever fate would befall them upon the father’s return.

The samurai named the child Ryuskei and resolved to train him, seeing great potential the combination of his innate magical abilities and their own martial abilities. As the years passed they taught him the discipline needed to control his base nature, to quite the darker aspects of his heritage. Over time Ryuskei grew to be their most formidable member, his half vampire abilities combined well with the samurai’s combat training and his in born magical powers, but his prowess grew, that of his friends began to wane. One by one the samurai fell, to their foes and then to the passage of time, until Ryuskei found himself alone again.

Ryuskei attempted to find new traveling companions for a time, coming across mercenary bands and small towns as he wandered the untamed parts of the world. Each time he was met with the suspicion, ignorance, hostility, and in some cases violence. He wandered the world alone for years, trying to do good when he could, searching for a place where he would be judged for his deeds and not his heritage.

Ryuskei’s search may have finally ended with his recent arrival in Cauldron, a larger city more used to seeing rare races. The people mostly treat him with indifference so far, but even this is improvement over his other attempts at rejoining the world. Perhaps here at last he can stay, perhaps here he can begin to train his magical powers. Perhaps here, he can be home.

“My hand is guided by justice; my blade is forged in tradition. You think to judge me? You think me a monster? I think you a fool." Ryuskei: upon having his intentions questioned.

Physical Description:
Ryuskei has the appearance of a young man in the prime of his life, despite being over 100 years old.
He is marked by features that hint at his true nature: Perfect, porcelain skin, sunken eyes that glow with
a faint red light. His long raven black hair pulled into messy ponytail.
His armor is composed of pieces of his original set mended with parts pulled from his fallen foes. His normal clothing consists of an old kimono.


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