Eran Navalant

Aasimar Holy Gun (Paladin/Gunslinger)


Eran Navalant
Race: Aasimar
Class: Paladin/Gunslinger. Gunadin
Height: 6 foot
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Silver, glints like metal in light, shoulder length

Eran was born into a life of ease and privilege. As the only child of the Lord Mayor’s younger brother, he enjoyed wealth and privilege before he even knew the words. Used to special treatment and receiving whatever he desired, Eran became enthralled with the one adult who did not give into his demands: his personal guard Thalon Feyster, an Elven gunslinger turned mercenary. He would often pester his protector to tell him of his adventures and to teach him how to use the rare firearm, while Thalon enjoyed the former he steadfastly refused to do the latter.

By the time he had become teenager, Eran had become the typical noble brat. His Family’s high position and his own angelic appearance had led to him becoming spoiled and arrogant. In his mid-teens he became fed up with Thalon still refusing his demands to teach him how to use his gun and resolved to simply take the rare item from him. After careful planning, Eran was able to arrange for Thalon to be forced to leave the weapon in his room unguarded on the same day that he and the other noble’s children were to going on a trip to a nearby town. Stealing into his guard’s room, he took the weapon and made his way to the waiting horses, eager to impress his friends and wow their female companions with the exotic weapon.

The day quickly took a turn for the worse, as the group of youngsters was setup on by bandits keen to make a large pay day by ransoming off the pampered children. The city guard was dispatched to pay the ransom, however the bandits became emboldened by their success and began making greater demands which quickly escalated into battle. When the dust settled and the children were returned to their families, Eran learned that Thalon had been volunteered to go with the group to pay the ransom and had been killed during the fighting. Eran shut himself in his room until the funeral, blaming himself for the death of his longtime companion.

It was at Thalon’s funeral that Eran’s life changed forever. Among the few mourners there was one that stood out, a young Elven woman clad in gleaming plate armor. After the brief ceremony she introduced herself as Thalon’s daughter, Landria, who had taken to the life of a Paladin. As Eran tried to give her Thalon’s weapon, she refused and instead offered him two things. The first, a large package which contained Thalon’s writings, everything he’d ever known about a being a Gunslinger and had intended to teach the young man once he had matured. The second, forgiveness for his theft and understanding that he’d only wanted imitate her father, not to bring him harm.

Greatly moved by this act of kindness, Eran begged her to teach him how to be like her and her father. After weeks of persistence, and against his parent’s wishes, Eran left Cauldron to travel with Landria as a Paladin in training.

Years later he returns to his birth city after hearing troubling tales about the dangers that plague its citizens. After making amends with his estranged family, Eran set out to bring peace to the troubled streets.

“To the weak, I bring strength. To the wicked, I bring justice. To darkness, I bring light. To evil, I bring a bullet.”

Equipment: His armor bears the Navalnt family crest in the upper right corner of the breast plate.
His shield bears the symbol of Iomedae (ahy-OH-meh-day)
His pistol used to belong to Thalon and has elven design styles.

Eran Navalant

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